St. Gerard’s Catholic Primary School exists to bring children to a greater love and knowledge of God. This fundamental belief permeates the whole curriculum. Curriculum means all those activities that are designed to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at school and in society.

Sound teaching methods are employed which reflect the best of modern ideas together with a sense of care and respect for all involved in the learning situation. All children follow National Curriculum programmes in the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and ICT as well as Design Technology, History, Geography, Art, Music and PE. To find out more about the National Curriculum, click here.

The curriculum defines and describes the full range of experiences that St. Gerard’s School plans and delivers for its pupils in preparing them for the opportunities and demands of adult life. It has clear aims and is grounded upon a set of values and attitudes that influence the activities and quality of relationships within the school. Consequently, St. Gerard’s School curriculum includes the Foundation Stage, the National Curriculum and other statutory requirements and recommendations.

Through our curriculum we are striving to enable learners to develop their knowledge, experience and imaginative understanding and their awareness of moral values. We hope that it will enable them to enter life after formal education as active participants in and contributors to society, capable of achieving as much independence as possible. In supporting this aim, the school curriculum should encourage individuals to derive satisfaction from their learning, enjoy its processes and be able to see links between their learning and their life as well as learn from their experiences and the experiences of others.

At St. Gerard’s, the curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all the pupils and to prepare them for life in modern Britain. We have created and established a stimulating and interesting curriculum that focuses on subjects beyond English, mathematics, science and RE; this curriculum is rooted in subject-specific skills and knowledge and is essential to our pupils’ success, both now and in their futures as informed, contributing citizens.The main principles underlying all curriculum policies in St. Gerard’s School are entitlement, inclusion and raising achievement.

Long Term Plans

We have a four-year rolling programme of whole school themed topics which structure and shape our learning throughout school. These topics are then broken down into different aspects for each Key Stage. Use the link below to find out more about what we will be learning about.

4 Year Curriculum Plan


Parents Guide

Help Your Child at Home

Please click on the links to download your copy of the National Curriculum expectations for each year group in English and Maths.

Coronavirus information

A Southampton intensive care nurse has created a book to help reduce anxiety in children caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. The free online publication, entitled ‘Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus’, has already been downloaded 15,000 times and has received plenty of positive feedback. The book was written by Molly Watts, a staff nurse on the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at Southampton Children’s Hospital, who penned it after a nightshift last week.

The book for children and aims to give information without fear. With everything that is going on at the moment; big changes to children’s routines and lots of stories on the news it can be a really scary time for them. This book aims to open up the conversation about coronavirus and some of the things they might be hearing about it and provide truthful information in a reassuring and child friendly manner.

You can access the book using the following link: