St Mary’s Cathedral


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St Mary’s Cathedral is at the heart of our school. We regularly have the opportunity to visit the Cathedral as part of our RE lessons, Called to Serve links, CAFOD campaigns linked work, liturgical celebrations and masses. We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to celebrate whole school and Parish masses alongside our Parish community.

Weekly mass times and additional services can be found by visiting the website for  St Mary’s RC Cathedral Middlesbrough.


Monsignor Gerard Robinson

Monsignor Gerard Robinson is the Dean of the Cathedral and he regularly visits our school and spends time getting to know the children. Monsignor Gerard works very closely with the school and our families throughout the year and runs our Sacramental Programme, preparing our children to make their First Reconciliation and Holy Communion.

Monsignor Gerard visited our school in September, to celebrate, with some of our Y5 pupils the Sacrament of First Reconciliation. The children were delighted to be able to make this next step in their faith journey. These children celebrated their First Holy Communion in November. It was a wonderful school, parish and family celebration.

Children in Y4 have now completed this years Sacramental preparation programme. They made their first reconciliation in April and their First Holy Communion in June. The whole Y4 class took part in a wonderful retreat day, at the Lady Chapel, two days prior to the children making their First Holy Communion. It was a wonderful day for all those involved: children and parish catechists.

As a school, and parish community we prayer for all of these children.








Parish Community Links

Volunteers from St Mary’s Cathedral regularly come into school to work alongside the children to support and enhance their understanding of the parish.


All pupils attend Ash Wednesday mass at St Mary’s Cathedral. This year they made the special pilgrimage to the Cathedral, as part of their journey with Jesus to the cross.  They remembered that 2022 is in the Year of Pilgrimage.

During Lent, all pupils also attend an additional mass with the parish community. They journey towards the cross with them. In addition to this, the Chaplaincy group journey the Stations of the Cross with parish members and support the parish CAFOD Lenten Lunch.

Children led the evening Lenten parish Stations of the Cross. This was a wonderful, prayerful journey. It was wonderful to prayer as a school, family and parish community.

Parish Catechist 

Parish catechists support pupils through their Sacramental preparation programme. They visit school on a weekly basis to help deepen the spiritual life and their understanding of the sacraments. The children love to listen share their spiritual growth with members of the parish community.