Head Boy and Head Girl

Every year, the children in Year 6 are given the opportunity to become Head Boy or Head Girl of our school. Any children who want to be considered for this important role are asked to present themselves to the whole of school during a special assembly and to explain why they think they should be chosen. The rest of school then holds a special vote to select a Head Boy and a Head Girl for the year ahead.

Being Head Boy or Head Girl means that you are someone who truly represents the values and attributes of St. Gerard’s. During the year, our Head Boy and Head Girl will represent our school at a number of events, including visiting other schools within our Academy and  attending special events within our Parish or Academy.

This year, our Head Boy is Thomas McCabe and our Head Girl is Matilda Farnaby.

House Captains

Our House Captains this year are:

Fisher: Livvi Crockett and Ayden Thompson

Postgate: Grace Roulston and Ellis McGeeney

More: Annie McKeown and Alfie Townsend

Clitherow: Georgina Waite and Billy Beattie


School Council

Our School Council has a very important job at St. Gerard’s! They are voted in by their peers and play a massive role in improving our school. Our School Council meet regularly with Miss Muttrie and Mrs Eilbeck to talk about ways in which we can make our school better and help to organise events and activities throughout the year.

Over the last few weeks, our School Council has been visiting the School Council groups at Sacred Heart and St. Clare’s Primary Schools to find out what they have been doing and to see if they can share any good ideas with us!

Our School Council members this year are:

Y2 Isobel Gunn and Matthew Luck
Y3 Nancy Relph and Archie Campbell
Y4 Niamh Nevison and Mylo Farnaby
Y5 Brooke Smith and Byron Burr
Y6 Ellie Howard and Ellis McGeeney


Chaplaincy Team

Our Chaplaincy team is made up of a number of adults and children throughout school, including one of our Parish Priests, Father Richard and is organised by Mrs Taylor. They help to arrange any of our charity work and Liturgical Celebrations throughout the year and recently have been busy creating our new Prayer Room within school.


Sports Crew

Our Sports Crew are children in Year 5 who help to organise and run a wide range of sporting activities within school. Their role is to support Miss Hogarth in making sure that all of the children in St. Gerard’s develop healthy and active lifestyles.

This year, our Sports Crew have created a number of lunchtime challenges for children to complete, presenting certificates to the winning children each week.

Our Sports Crew members this year are: Aiden McGeeney, Oliver Howard, Justin Miller, Sophie Newton, Laila-Su Yates and Eden Lloyd.



Our Eco-Warriors believe that God is at the heart of everything we do and that therefore, we have to look after everything God has given us, especially our world. Each class, from Y2 to Y6, votes for two eco-warriors who will represent their class in meetings and will promote ways in which we can look after our planet every day.

Over the coming weeks, our Eco-Warriors will be looking at the amount of plastic which is used and wasted in and around school and will be thinking of ways which we can either reuse plastic or reduce the amount being used.


Playground Buddies

Mrs Parkinson, our PSA, works with a group of children from Years 5 and 6, helping them to become Playground Buddies – looking out for those who might need a friend to play with or helping children to resolve any disagreements. These children also help to share important anti-bullying messages throughout school by delivering special assemblies and creating posters which remind everyone about how to be a good friend.

Our Buddies are also working with the Headstarters team to look at ways we can help to develop and improve the mental health of all children in our school.